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Two sexual assault felonies dropped to NOTHING, case DISMISSED.

I thank God for the day when Jay Englund was introduced to me. Prior to Jay I have changed two lawyers, none of them was of any help. Jay got right to work from day one, he has given me the right advice at the right time. The way Jay worked made me feel like I was one of his close friends or a family member.

Jay was exceptional. He was extremely knowledgeable of the legal system. He clearly communicated the legal options. He took action to gather all evidence and thoroughly reviewed it and the facts of the case. He built a strong strategy and effectively communicated it to me. He was direct, honest and fair. He was compassionate to me and my family. He not only helped me with the criminal aspects of my case, but also with personal aspects of my life. I highly recommend his services to anyone that has a need for his superior legal services. I can't say enough as to how impressed I was with Jay!"
(name withheld by request)
My husband and I hired Jay about 3 months ago to represent me due to my second dui as well as my third driving after revocation, as well as a few other minor traffic violations. Quite a few family members and friends tried to dissuade me from hiring a lawyer and I couldn't be happier that I did not take their advice. It was worth every penny. We spoke w/quite a few lawyers and from the get go Jay stood out to us. He was extremely professional and friendly. He is a no-nonsense kind of guy and told it to us straight.

Within the first 15 minutes of meeting with Jay, we knew we wanted him to represent me. He constantly kept in touch with me and kept us updated on every aspect of my case. I can honestly say I trusted him completely to do the best possible job and work as hard as he could on my specific case. In the end Jay received the best possible resolution I could have asked for. I highly recommend Jay Englund and in the future will tell anyone to meet with him if they are in any kind of legal trouble."
Jay Englund was able to take over a very diluted and drawn out case against me, track its history, understand the facts as well as misunderstandings - and provide results that were outside even my best expectations. Had I known Jay 18 months ago, I personally believe I could have saved myself an enormous amount of time, money and most importantly - missed opportunities.

Jay literally allowed me to understand what was actually happening and what needed to be done to get from point A to point B after two previous attorneys and 18 months of toiling could not. My charges had stemmed from previous charges that I had never fully understood; hence, they became of a criminal nature. Within 15 days - Jay was able to assemble the material necessary to have my criminal charges dropped to a fine.

Jay's ability to distill the piles of information given to him down to a clear series of events pertinent to the law was absolutely one of the most admirable acts of intelligence and efficiency I have seen. From there, things made sense, and everything fell into place in a manner which was impeccable."
I got charges because of misunderstanding for something that I did not do. I almost thought that it would destroy my professional career and my reputation. It looked very difficult for me to get out of that situation, without a HUGE loss. Jay Englund handled the case in best possible manner and as a result, the outcome we got was simply amazing.

Jay Englund tried to get the best result during each phase of the case. As case was moving on, he found more and more things that could make my side stronger. And within few weeks he was able to bring up all facts and realities; which turned the case around in my favor.

At every single step of that case, Jay Englund kept me posted with latest developments. Any time, in his absence, whenever I had called his office, his staff members communicated with me very politely. My family and I are truly thankful to Jay Englund."
(name withheld by request)
I hired Jay last December to handle my felony DUI. From the moment I walked into his office to the last day in court, Jay and his office staff were kind, respectful and caring. I had never been through something like this before so I had a lot of questions and was very scared and nervous. Jay was always very responsive and reassuring. I was facing up to 2 years in prison. Due to the fact that Jay is very knowledgeable on the new DUI laws, he was able to get my sentence down to 30 days in the county jail with Huber and 3 years probation.

Needless to say, I am pleased with the outcome. Jay also went so far as to assist me in securing a job in my home county so I could serve my sentence there. To me this is above and beyond what your typical attorney would do. This is what makes Jay stand out from other attorneys. I would not hesitate to recommend Jay."
Jay was terrific from start to finish throughout my entire OWI-1 case. He laid out the entire process for me in the first call and he updated me promptly along the way. I never felt as though I was left in the dark concerning my fate and I never felt the need to check in on his progress. He felt confident in my case and I believed him. It wasn't just lip service to get my business. Everything Jay told me that would happen did and I'm very grateful that I chose him as my attorney. I don't believe it would have gone as favorably with the few other attorneys I talked to in the beginning. Additionally, Jay's assistant Megan was very helpful. Anytime I ever needed anything clarified or had additional questions she would respond to me right away. I can't thank Jay and Megan enough for getting me through this nerve-racking process and I would recommend them 100% without hesitation to anyone else stuck in a similar situation."
We engaged Attorney Englund's representation on behalf of a family member, He and his staff are knowledgeable, decisive, proactive, and delivered the best and least expensive possible outcome. Attorney Englund holds the secret decoder ring for Wisconsin criminal law. If the need arose, I would not hesitate to hire him again."
Jay Englund is by far the go to choice for legal advice/consultation. He helped me out tremendously and ended up getting my OWI 2nd dismissed. Him and his assistant put in so much effort and time to make it all possible. He is very good at explaining all the legalities so you can easily understand what is going on."
(name withheld by request)
There is a saying "people like to work with people they like" and this is not only true from a client attorney relationship, but this was very evident in Mr. Englund's relationship with everyone we encountered in the Sauk County legal system. Accused of OWI 1st offence with minors is no walk in the park. Jay was very clear on all the aspects of the charges that I was facing and held no punches. Then he went to work diligently reviewing all aspects and there were many, built the case and in the end DISMISSAL. Follow his advice to the letter, he knows what he is doing."
(name withheld by request)
EXCELLENT SERVICE! I was charged with OWI 1st offense AND Refusal to Take Test. Attorney Englund was referred to me, and I am so thankful he was! I was looking at a dismal outcome and was going to give up and just accept my sentence but Attorney Englund refused to give up on me. After MUCH hard work and tenacious digging, not only did I not have to have an IID (interlock ignition device) installed in my vehicle, but he fought hard and my "OWI 1st Offense" was amended down to a "Reckless Driving"! (This was unbelievable...I had NO idea he would be able to get this reduced!!) I would HIGHLY recommend Jay's hard working, never give up professionalism! I really appreciate all he has done for me, this has honestly changed my life!! Thanks again!"
(name withheld by request)
I knew that Jay had spent countless hours going over every little detail of my case, but I didn't realize is how effective he is in the court room. Folks, if you are reading this review, you have to realize that Jay DOMINATES the court room. I walked into the courtroom with an uneasy feeling, but as the minutes ticked on and Jay started presenting evidence, I quickly gained more and more confidence. After 30 minutes of bringing up things that even I had forgotten about, quoting case law off the top of his head, and strategically questioning witnesses, there was no doubt HE had convinced the judge to throw out my case. And that's exactly what happened!"
(name withheld by request)
I was facing serious consequences for multiple OWI charges. I hired an attorney to represent me. I was not satisfied with the effort and time spent on my cases. I was referred to attorney Jay Englund. Jay spent a great deal of time reviewing each charge. He had charges dismissed without going to trial. The sentence I received was much less than I anticipated. My results by far exceeded my expectations. Attorney Englund fought hard for me and got excellent results. I highly recommend attorney Jay Englund. "
Jay is an amazing and trustworthy attorney. I had a very messy OWI case in Sauk County that no other attorney I spoke with in Wisconsin would take. My consequences were huge if I were convicted. Jay worked out a deal where my OWI was dropped, and he did it at less than half the cost the other criminal lawyers quoted, and without a conviction. Thanks Jay."
Charged with a felony offense carrying time in prison, I called my estate attorney and asked for a criminal defense referral. Without hesitation, he answered, "Jay Englund - I'd put my life in his hands and pay him what he wants." My case ended in dismissal with prejudice. Jay works in a clipped, efficient, and thorough manner. Great staff as well."
(name withheld)

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